The Church of the Ascension
Hayward, Wisconsin

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Sunday Worship at 9:30am
All are welcome!


Ministry Schedule
October, 2019

Sunday, Oct. 20 – w/ Fr. Kirby
Altar Guild – Kay Lewis
Crypt Café – Winchester Family
Eucharistic Minister – Monte Lewis
Greet/Gifts/Count – Kay Lewis & Charline Huwe
Lector – Monte Lewis
Intercessor – Charline Huwe
Server – Steve Salisbury
Unavailable – Dew Family / Thompson Family

Sunday, Oct. 27 – w/Fr. Kirby
Altar Guild- Jean Jonjak
Crypt Café – Bev Salisbury & Kris Dew
Eucharistic Minister – Steve Salisbury
Greet/Gifts/Count – Larry & Peg Rusk
Lector – Charline Huwe
Intercessor – Melissa Winchester
Server – Steve Salisbury or Tom Dew
Unavailable – Thompson Family/Winchester Family

Farewells handled by Eucharistic Minister
Announcements made by Rick Herdrich.

Contact numbers:

Father Dave Bauer
715-699-2920 or 612-221-9743

Deacon Marlene Hogue
715-794-2513 or 715-580-0438

Welcome to The Episcopal Church of the Ascension

On behalf of the people of The Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Hayward, Wisconsin, I welcome you to our parish family.  We are a vibrant community of Christians, dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those both within our immediate community as well as to those throughout the world.  We are rooted in the deep and rich traditions of the Anglican Church but are committed to allowing those same traditions to breathe and inform our ministry to those living in today’s world.  Our worship is reverent but lively.  Our fellowship is warm and inviting.  We are devoted to extending God’s love both through our words and in very concrete actions.  We understand that our lives are a pilgrimage and that we are called to support and encourage each other as we walk in faith.  I invite you to explore the pages of our website to discover the many areas in which we are living into our lives as followers of Christ.  I encourage you to visit us in person or to contact us by email or telephone.  And I welcome you to join us on the journey.  It is really quite an adventure!

Father Arthur Hancock

for the week beginning 10.13.2019

DIOCESAN CONVENTION: The 91st Annual Convention of the Diocese of Eau Claire will be held on November 9th, 2019. The Convention will be hosted by Christ Church Cathedral, Eau Claire. Business will include elections and presentation of the budget. The main work will be the future of our Diocese. As the bishop will be retiring in 2020, our most immediate work concerns the Episcopate.

DIOCESAN PRE-CONVENTION HEARINGS: Anyone may attend, and delegates are asked to attend one of the pre-Convention hearings prior to Convention. This is the place to ask questions and learn about the budget, any resolutions, and about those running for elected positions. In short, attending the pre-Convention hearings is how you go to Convention informed. Three Pre-Convention Hearings are set for October. Here is the schedule:
Saturday, October 19: 10:00 am at Christ Church in La Crosse
Saturday, October 19: 4:00 pm at Grace Church in Menomonie
Saturday, October 26: 10:00 am at St. Alban’s in Spooner

OUR NEXT SUPPER CLUB EXPERIENCE: Our next Supper Club gathering will be held on 18 October at the home of Gretchen & Rick Herdrich. A sign-up sheet and directions to the Herdrich home can be found in the narthex.

PRESIDING BISHOP CURRY COMING TO FOND DU LAC DIOCESE: The Presiding Bishop invites you and asks you to invite others to the Way of Love Revival on Saturday, October 26 from 10am-4pm at the Fox Cities Expo Center in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. Open to the public. Bring a friend! Find additional information at

COMMUNITY DINNER: Our next opportunity to serve the Community Dinner at First Lutheran Church is coming up! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 4th. We’ll be serving spaghetti, salad, bread, and dessert. Can you help serve or make a dessert to bring? Look for the sign-up sheet in the narthex. To offset the cost of providing the meal we are asked to bring a 2-pound box of spaghetti to church sometime between now and December 1st.

CHECK-IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA!: Are you on Facebook? If so, then be sure to check-in to let your friends know you were here! Our FB link is @AscensionEpiscopalChurchHaywardWi

ADOPT-A- PROJECT: THE COUNTERTOPS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED! The Peabody House project has been moving along! Take a moment to go next door to see. The ceilings are being furred, closet doors are being hung, the kitchen is being readied for the countertop installation. Want to help a project along? Consider if you would like to see the work progress to come to completion by sponsoring a piece of the many projects. In the narthex you’ll find a list of projects waiting to be adopted. Want to know more? Talk to Rick Herdrich.

VESTRY MEETING: The Vestry hold its next meeting on Tuesday, 15 October @ 5:00pm. Ongoing business includes the status of the search for a rector, the Peabody House renovations, and necessary outdoor property projects and repairs. A work list will be developed and the opportunity for every member of the parish to take part in the different jobs around the physical plant will be encouraged. Charline Huwe sends the minutes to everyone electronically. If you’d like an update sooner, talk to Sr. Warden Steven Salisbury, or Jr. Warden, Monte Lewis, or any other Vestry member! Meetings typically begin at 5:00pm and are completed by 6:00pm. Anyone is welcome to attend.

For the week beginning 10.13.19


Our Church Family:
In our city: the people of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
In our diocese: the people and clergy of St. Alban-the-Martyr, Superior
In our nation: The Diocese of Iowa
In the Anglican Communion: The Church in the Province of West Africa
Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church
Jay Lambert, Bishop of the Diocese of Eau Claire

The Needs and Concerns of Our Congregation:
The world: Let love prevail in all places.
Our nation: May God lead the hands, hearts, and minds of its leaders
Our parish family: As we move into our future

The Sick and Needy:
The Kurdish people of northern Syria
The lives lost and the people affected by flooding due to Hurricane Imelda, especially in Texas
The Bahamas: Its people, creatures, and landscape, as they suffer from the aftereffects of Hurricane Dorian
Those in parts of the country dealing with the aftereffects, extensive property damage, and lives lost, due to extreme weather
Military personnel deployed away from home, and their families
The ill in our parish family: those who are hospitalized, in skilled nursing facilities, those who are recovering from surgery, those who suffer from chronic conditions
All displaced people and refugees, especially children
Those who live alone
God’s people who are in any need, trouble, or distress

In Thanksgiving:
The consecration of The Rev. Dr. Shannon MacVean-Brown, 11th Bishop of Vermont
The election of Susan Bunton Hayes, 11th Bishop of Southern Virginia
The election of Lennon Yuan-Rung Chang, 6th Bishop of Taiwan
The election of Marty Stebbins, 10th Bishop of Montana
The consecration of Megan M. Traquair, 8th bishop of Northern California
The election of Jonathan Folts, 11th Bishop of South Dakota
The election of Bonnie Perry, 11th Bishop of Michigan
The election of Lucinda Ashby, 4th Bishop of El Camino Real
The love manifest in this congregation
Those with Birthdays or Anniversaries this week

The Departed:
The lives lost due to gun violence
All military personnel who have laid down their lives to secure the freedom of our nation's citizens, as well those of other nations


October 15: Vestry Meeting in the Undercroft
October 18: Supper Club at the home of Gretchen & Rick Herdrich
October 26: Pre-Convention Hearing: St. Alban’s, Spooner @ 10:00am
October 26: Way of Love Revival, 10am-4pm; Fox Cities Expo Center, Appleton, WI
November 9: Diocesan Convention, Christ Church Cathedral-Eau Claire
November 12: Ascension leads nursing home worship. Meet at church @ 3:00pm
December 4: Ascension serves Community Dinner at 1st Lutheran Church

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension
10610 North California Avenue, P.O. Box 637, Hayward, Wisconsin 54843,